Seeking a Millionaire

Seeking a Millionaire

Since nowadays most people meet on the Internet, it’s quite possible to meet a millionaire on a single site.


Why Dating a Millionaire is a Good Idea

You never have to take out your wallet.

Feminism is a thing nowadays, but most of the adequate and feminine women still want them man to pay for them. And when you meet a rich man, it would seem that there is no question of male greed, you don’t even need to think about that, because such men have a head on their shoulders and their bank account is in order;



When a guy has problems with finances, then he will not even think about indulging you. And if money is not an obstacle, then you may be pleasantly surprised by the gifts that a man will give to you;


Your mom will love him

When meeting a wealthy man, you will never be ashamed of it and won’t try to hide it, especially from your mother. All parents want their kids to be provided with everything in a relationship. 


Stable future

If you have been meeting with a guy for a long time and things are going steadily, then it is important to consider the possibilities of your financial future. In reality, everyone wants to be with the person you can rely on and who can support your family in the future. Although we are not subject to those whom we fall in love with, knowing that your chosen one has a stable career is an important reason for never letting him go;


It's sexy

There is a reason why the Fifty Shades of Grey film became a world bestseller - the main character, Christian Gray, was not a truck driver! Most women love strong men, and more often men who have the strength and desire to make money. Mail order bride are attracted when they see a man coming out of a luxury car, someone who knows where he wants to take you. Meeting a wealthy man is meeting a hard-working and confident person, so why not try it?


Elegant taste

It is amazing when a man knows which wine is best for dinner and which gold will be better combined with the tone of your skin. One of the unique attributes of a relationship with a wealthy man is that their taste matches the brands and products that they can afford. 


Signs of a Millionaire

Being the same normal people as all the others, real millionaires do not boast of their wealth and do not try to impress others. They will be dressed properly, without frills.

Typically, the profiles of such men on a dating site will have the following features:

  • The small main photo (or no photo at all). Millionaires have friends and colleagues whom they would not like to demonstrate the fact that they have a profile on a dating site. However, you can be sure that he will send you a photo in direct messages;

  • Vague name of the profession and position. Most of all, the rich men are afraid that a woman will choose him only because of money. Therefore, they try to conspire with what they do;

  • High level of membership. Millionaires do not want to be limited and understand that by paying a little more, you can get 5-10 times more benefits and privileges.

  • Lack of assurance of wealth. Wealthy people do not try to convince others, including women, that they have a lot of money.


How Rich People Behave When Communicating

In communication, they have their own specifics:

  • In communication, millionaires make decisions quickly - constantly doubting people are rarely successful.

  • They do not throw money and promises, but if they promise something to you, then you can be sure that they will do it;

  • They do not hesitate to announce that certain expenses are unreasonable, for example, if you want to meet in a couple of weeks, because the cost of tickets increases by 3-4 times compared with booking travel 2 months in advance.

  • At the same time, they are not afraid to spend money on first-class tickets, five-star hotels, fine restaurants;

  • They mix clothes of cheap and expensive brands, do not just focus on prestige and fashion;

  • Rich people calmly react to failures;

  • They do not talk to people in a raised voice and do not allow such a tone in relation to themselves, as they have strong personal boundaries.

  • They are not trying to appear smarter than you or to demonstrate their superiority in other ways;

  • In general, they are optimistic and believe that they will succeed;

  • Millionaires do not like hypocrites, but are not against shocking statements, if they are on point;

  • They are annoyed by the lack of principles, but they are able to listen to your arguments and change their opinion;

  • Such a guy will not pressure you or force you to do something that you do not want. Strong people carefully treat the weak, and a woman, even a strong one, will always be weaker than a strong man - at least physically;

  • They rarely suspect people of bad intentions or lies. But if a millionaire discovered that you were lying, this could be the end of your acquaintance.

How to Meet a Millionaire Online

Successful people managed to achieve their goals in life because they did not go only by beaten paths. They appreciate what is effective, and they hate the waste of time and stupid games.


Sincerity, decency, lack of false modesty, work for the good of others (charity, social assistance) - these qualities will be attractive to a rich man. Fears, pretense and the desire to date a millionaire just for money will certainly scare away the rich guys.


The most basic for a millionaire is self-esteem, that is, strong personal boundaries. The ability not to violate the dignity of other people and not to create problems for them, coupled with the skills of maintaining self-esteem and peace of mind, will be very attractive for such a man. Tantrums and inability to cope with your own emotions - on the contrary.


He would rather be interested if you message him yourself or visit his profile a couple times. However, that doesn’t mean that he can’t be the first one to write. If he finds your profile attractive, then he will gladly give you a chance.


Making  a Good Impression

If you want to get acquainted with a millionaire, you need to first learn how to express your thoughts politely but firmly.

  • Behave yourself the right way and look decent on both the photos and in life. Your sexuality should be restrained, not flaunted, but at the same time it should be charming and obvious;

  • Successful people love neither smarties nor shy girls. They love women who know what they want and are not afraid to take it, but that won’t lie to reach their goal;

  • Think about what is most important for you in life and your goals for the future (not money), and include these ideas in your profile;

  • If you are looking for a foreigner millionaire, then you have to spend some time improving your English. Rich men want to meet women with whom they can communicate, and not just have sex;

  • Learn 10-15 phrases in French, Spanish, Italian, German. This can be done within a month. Just try learning 1-2 phrases per day. Even minimal knowledge of other languages, gives you the status of an educated person with a broad outlook;

  • Do not change your descriptions constantly, better complement your profile with new non-standard photos and publish informative blogs;

  • Exercise, improve your appearance;

  • Get an interesting hobby;

  • Look at the profiles of men and do not hesitate to write yourself to those who are interested in you. It's okay if some of them won’t respond. You only need 1;

  • Stop communicating with people who do not fit the selected criteria, as soon as you understand that this person is not for you. Do not waste your time;

  • Learn to say no;

  • Develop a sense of humor. Rich people do not take far-fetched restriction seriously, so do not fear to act against the rules, although they comply with laws and ethics;

  • Do not be afraid to express what you want and what you need, but always in a positive and kind form;

  • Do not be offended by trifles and do not start hysterics. One scandal - and there is a chance that you will never see the man again. Stone reaction is better than hysteria;

  • Such people acutely feel fakeю If constant waves of fear of exposure come from you, the rich man will be restless in your society, and he appreciates his comfort and inner freedom. It is better to tell the truth, even if it is a bit inconvenient, or to politely refuse to answer the question;

  • Think about others and their convenience, feelings. Not only your friends, but all the other people around. Rich men have become like this because they were able to understand what they want from their life;

  • Give, and not just take it. Those who have everything appreciate it;

  • Be thankful for what a rich man does for you. Taking his kindness for granted or, even worse, criticizing his efforts and being constantly unhappy will make him stop talking to you;

  • The rich have a keen sense of justice. If your behavior is unwise or impolite, it will be unpleasant for him to be with you.


Best Dating Sites to Look For a Millionaire in 2020

  1. Millionaire Match. Millionaire Match was the first dating site that was invented specifically for millionaires. It was founded back in 2001 and has been successful ever since. At the moment it has around 4 million of users from all over the world. Most of the users of this site are rich and successful people who know what they are doing with their lives.There are also a lot of popularities, including different models, actors, and singers.The monthly subscription costs $70 if you are using the PC version, and $100.99 if you chose the mobile app. It is definitely worth checking out if you know what you are looking for. However, please note that Millionaire Match is not the best choice if you are looking for sugar daddy relationships;

  2. Date a Millionaire. It’s not hard to understand what the site is offering just by look at its name. You can search for your perfect millionaire as long as you are 18 years of age or older. The biggest minus of the site is that it has never been redesigned since the day it was created, so you can’t call it the most fashionable.The monthly membership is worth $29.95, which is really cheap, especially comparing to other millionaire dating sites. This dating site also shows you all of the members online and the verified ones. By the way, if you do manage to get a “verified” badge, then you will be granted with a free membership till the rest of your life. All in all, if you aren’t just looking for a fabulous design, but for the effective result, then this site is definitely worth checking out;

  3. Elite Singles. Elite Singles is the best match for attractive and well-educated women who are looking for a rich prince. Most of the members of the site have either a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree and are at least 30 years old. Registering on this site will take you quite some time, but it’s totally worth it. The registration process is quite long because you have to answer a lot of questions about your personality and your life goals, so that the website could automatically find the best matches for you. It’s pretty cool and effective. The membership is also very cheap, and costs around 20 dollars a month. More than 2 million people visit Elite Singles every month, and more than 2,500 of such people manage to find their love with Elite Singles. This speaks to the popularity and the efficiency of the service;

  4. Seeking Millionaire. Seeking Millionaire is a very good option if you are looking to date a millionaire. It has a very convenient and user-friendly interface, as well as a lot of search filters to look for your love. It is also one of the best sugar daddy sites, so it will be interesting for a lot of people;

  5. Meet a Millionaire. It won’t be hard to find a millionaire here, because of the amount of successful people registered on the site. One of the best things about the website is that you are able to register without paying a cent. You can then study the website and see how much you like. It even lets you upload your photos for free. Meet a Millionaire cares about the safety of its users, so you can be sure that the site is 100% trustworthy and there are no scammers with fake profiles. A very interesting choice if you have never been to a millionaire dating site before and you want to see how it works for free.



Searching for a millionaire is always a good idea, but also remember to look at the qualities of the person, because that’s what matters the most.